Winston Churchill’s Illnesses 1886 – 1965 written by Allister Vale & John Scadding and published by Frontline Books – £30.00 – Hardback – Pages 522.

As one of the most written about men in the 20th century, much has been written about the health of Winston Churchill. In a lifetime Churchill where he endured many different illness throughout his life and he had to put up, or endured so many difficult national and international events. Churchill suffered a series of strokes and cerebrovascular disease later in life. But also at this time there was great advancement in medical care. This book is a definitive account written by Vale & Scadding, they document almost all illnesses from childhood to death from numerous clinical records and distinguished physicians.

I should say here that this is the second Winston Churchill book that I‘ve read recently, but this book is actually taking a look at another part of Churchill’s life, his illnesses. This book is not just for those into medicine and issues as the medical information is wrapped in with historical events and it’s good to judge what illnesses were being suffered by Churchill with historical events. This book is very informed and comprehensively written, the book is very well balanced to enable both the history reader and the reader on the medical side. It was also interesting to read from a personal viewpoint having suffered a stroke myself, it was revealing to see how his strokes affected him like myself. Although the book takes a different angle it was nice to read rather than the usual Churchill book, a book I enjoyed with interest.