Images of War – Wingate’s Men

Images of War – Wingate’s Men written by Colin Higgs and published by Pen and Sword Books £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 117

This book in the Images of War series Wingate’s Men looks at the Chindit Operation – Special Forces in Burma, a fascinating book about a man and the operation he ran in the hot and humid jungle of Burma. This book and operation was as much about the operation’s leader Colonel Onde Wingate, a man not much admired by the army top brass, who saw him as a bit of a loner and a maverick. But a man who got so much out of his men and who would as the saying goes ‘walk over hot coals’ for him. This book follows the operation from India to Burma through hot impassable jungle to menace the Japanese who they took by surprise and managed to damage the important railway track system. The Allied forces (Indian 77th Infantry) were then chased back towards India where they had to split up into smaller groups in order to get back any way they could. Despite many losses in harsh conditions and terrain, enough made it back eventually for it to be deemed a success.

A fascinating story about a fascinating man and group of soldiers. These men really did have to suck it up in order to survive harsh conditions regarding terrain and climate, and it should come as no surprise that the soldiers that served out there very rarely want to talk about what happened during the war. Although this is a reasonably small book at about 117 pages, the book is packed with information, detail and photographs all of excellent quality. The book is split into a number of chapters that each look at a part of the operation in detail such as Troop, the March, the Operation, Supplies from the Skies, Live to Fight Another Day, Supply for 10,000 men and Men of the Chindits. This is a remarkable story with excellent information and history, it also tells the great story this operation turned into and the bravery of so many men. Due to not being able to get so many pictures on the actual mission, many of the phots are of the lead up the supply train and the aftermath, but this book in the series has more personal touch to it and you part of the group in a way. I’m not sure I can recommend this book highly enough, I loved the book a lot, and the phots and story too. A highly recommended to all with a shiny 5 star rating. (whispers) Don’t tell anyone but I think this is my favourite in the series.

Ben Davidson

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