Undercover Policing and the Corrupt Secret Society Within written by Garry Rogers & Keith Potter published by Pen and Sword Books – £25.00 – Hardcover – Pages 328

Garry Rogers played a key role in one of the UK’s most successful undercover policing operations targeting football hooligans, in the national and international game. When the force extended its undercover operations to target violent crime it was Garry that gained the trust of these armed robbers. But after five years at the cutting edge of policing, Garry found himself exposed to the violent criminals closer to home. When Garry turned to the force for support he was badly let down and face a wall of silence. Garry was eventually pushed out of the force after 28 years of loyal service, and now Garry wants to tell the truth of what happened.

Wow, what a fascinating book to read, and in many ways shocking in that a loyal man can be left to be hung out to dry through no fault of his own, and then have the powers that be conspire against him.  The discrimination and provocation faced by pretty much one man was enormous and it’s amazing how he could get through all these years of such pressures. The book is in a way very revealing about what goes on in the police forces around the country, and having read about other forces there is no surprise at the amount of corruption going on. This book was a thoroughly good read from start to finish and had me hooked all the way through, it’s a shame I finished the book so quickly in a couple of days. Although it’s difficult to have to read about such corruption it was an excellent read and I would fully recommend it to all.