U-Boats at War in 100 Objects 1939-1945 written by Gordon Williamson and published by Frontline Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 182

If there was thing that worried Sir Winston Churchill during World War II, it was the U-Boat threat from the German Kriegsmarine. Not only did it affect you military ships it would affect the ships bringing in food and supplies to the UK from abroad, this was one of Britain’s lifelines. Although it had been ill prepared before the war, before the end of the war the German U-Boats would greatly improve and develop in technology. The number of U-Boats went from 24 to a fleet of 300 under their Commander-in-Chief Karl Donitz. This book takes a look at the history, how it worked, U-Boat memorabilia, the individuals, the medals, the uniforms and many more items.

This book is a fascinating look at many different objects and items that help portray the life of a U-Boat and all that is involved inside. This is not the first I have read, as I have read 100 objects about the WW2 Home Front, Henry VIII, the First Blitz and the Third Reich. Each book in my opinion is fantastic and this book doesn’t fail that as it a fascinating read. Some of the items you can think of that represent U-Boats are easy to think of, but then the others if you read the book are excellent examples. You often forget little things that you don’t think are significant but when you read the book these items are just as important as the others. From Wolfpacks, to crewmen, to uniforms and medals, from posters to officers watches and battle plans of attack. The information and research in this book is top notch and the accompanying photos are fascinating. For a great read, this book would please everyone I’m sure, but especially those with an interest in U-Boats.