Total Undersea War written by Aaron S. Hamilton and published by Seaforth Publishing – £30.00 – Hardback – Pages 416

If you’re into Naval Warfare, especially U-Boats you’re going to think you know almost everything there is to know. Well sit back and read a copy of this book because you are going to really learn everything you need to. This is an unprecedented study of the last year of the Battle of the Atlantic describing the innovation of the snorkel, its supporting technologies like anti radar coating and acoustic camouflage, as well as the Allied countermeasures deployed in an attempt to defeat those highly significant wartime developments. This book takes you into fascinating detail and precision with regards to the technology of the U-Boat.

I have to admit that I have read this book in two halves, the reason being that whist I enjoy reading about naval warfare, this book really goes deep into fine detail about a number of U-Boat technologies and because of that it was maybe a bit too much for me. But I do have to give credit where it is due the author has done a fine job in writing this, you can fault any detail as what he has written about is of top class quality. Whilst it might not be up my street, I can recognise the excellent detail and information that has gone into this book. In a main part of the book Hamilton puts forward that the snorkel is an important point that hasn’t had the recognition it deserves. His look into the development of the snorkel and how it integrates itself is very thorough and methodical. Although this book was not for me, I can recognise fantastic writing and I did really enjoy the book, I think it’s more aimed at those who are ardent fans of the U-Boat. While I would give it 4 stars for myself personally, I actually think it’s a 5 star book to the right reader.