Thunderbolts over Burma – A Pilot’s War written by Angus Findon with Mark Hillier and published by Pen and Sword Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 216

Thunderbolts over Burma looks at the end of WWII in the theatre of war in Burma, many say the forgotten war as people here were obviously more concerned about the war in Europe. This book takes us through the memoirs of Angus Findon, a pilot who flew alongside spitfires during the last battles of Burma, used to take out ground troops and targets. Findon comes late into the war as a pilot but he is following a dream of flying despite having lots of hurdles to achieve his goals. The Thunderbolts were a very fast plane but was expensive to build and the handling was lesser to the Spitfire it’s smaller compatriot. The book concentrates on Findon obviously and the fight against the Japanese at Pegu Yoma and Sittang Bend.

I have read a number of books in recent months about the theatre of war in the east and found them all very interesting and fascinating. The war in the East is always going to pale against the war in Europe, but in my opinion there is so much interesting information and stories to be revealed, I hope that Pen and Sword produces more books along this theme. This book is a fascinating read and could be heavy in some places but the author has taken a lighter tone which does help considering the size of the book. The book is very well written by Mark Hillier, and it was great to learn about the Thunderbolts and the way they operated and how they behaved. I loved the way this book was written and it was my kind of thing in like a diary format, the photographs of Findon’s flying logbook is fantastic showing you the actual book really added authenticity and credit to the story of the man. An excellent book indeed, highly recommended by myself to anyone. A 5 star rating for sure.