The Warsaw Uprisings 1943-1944 written by Ian Baxter and published by Pen & Sword Books – £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 128

By 1942 the Nazi leadership had decided that the Jewish ghettos across occupied Poland should be liquidated, with Warsaw’s being the largest, processed in phases.

In response the left-wing Jewish Combat Organisation (ZOB) and right-wing Jewish Military Union (ZZW) formed and began training, preparing defences and smuggling in arms and explosives.

The first Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began in April 1943. Although this was quelled at a devastating cost to the Jewish community, resistance continued until the summer of 1944. By this time the Red Army was closing on the city and with liberation apparently imminent the 40,000 resistance fighters of the Polish Home Army launched a second uprising.

For sixty-three days the insurgents battled their oppressors on the streets, in ruined buildings and cellars. Rather than come to their aid the Russians waited and watched the inevitable slaughter.

This gallant but tragic struggle is brought to life in this book by the superb collection of photographs drawn from the album compiled for none other than Heinrich Himmler entitled Warschauer Aufstand 1944.

If there was one country that suffered most in World War Two, it could be argued that Poland was that country. Although many countries lost many men and women, and were hugely damaged. In this book through photographs, Poland was almost wiped off the map by the German army orchestrated by Adolf Hitler through his hatred of the Jewish race and nationals he saw as sub-human or sub-German. As usual, this book is full of top quality photographs unfortunately because of the subject matter there is the odd sad or disturbing photograph. But this has to be expected if you’re going to show what really happened. Again the book is very well written and compliments the pictures and the history. Again this book is a fantastic addition to the collection and it is so good that Pen & Sword publishes these books. A highly recommended read for anyone.