Top 10 Pen & Sword Books of 2020

Number 10

The life and times of one of Germany’s top tank commanders in SS Leader Jochen Peiper, written by Danny S. Parker. One of the best all round reads in a long time about one individual and the way he did things and lead his troops.

Number 9

This book in reality represents one whole category really as the Pen & Sword series Your Towns & Cities in the Second World War are superior and so well written it is my opinion that they should be in all schools. They are all written by local historians and authors are a fantastic read covering local and national news of WW2. Warwick at War 1939-45 written by Graham Sutherland is was prime example. A must read.

Number 8

This book highlights the high level of authors used by Pen & Sword Books in that this is a really comprehensive read by the historian Martin W. Bowman. One of the leading historians writing on anything to do with World War Two.

Number 7

This book is a fine example of another brilliant Pen and Sword Images of War Series, always a great read and some fantastic photographs. I loved this one due to learning about Wingate this year and his exploits. An incredible man matched with an incredible book and life.

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Number 6

A beautiful book indeed and I’m not talking about the cover although that is too. What really sold this book to me was the writing, subject matter and descriptions of life in Victorian England is a bit like reading poetry. I loved this book by Michelle Higgs.

Number 5

The story of a pilot late into the war but who loved flying and took part in the far east campaign against the Japanese. Flying the Thunderbolt planes primarily this book is a gripping account of his experiences and includes photographs of his pilot log book at the back. A cracking read from start to finish.

Number 4

One of two books I have read recently by these two authors both brothers, the other is about Tank Warfare and written in the same format. They are both great books full of great technical detail and information but easy to read books. Two brilliant books and I would happily recommend both.

Number 3

A thoroughly good book that looks at the history of the Tower of London right from the start. A very well written book by author John Paul Davis as it looks at some of the people that have been prisoner there and the historical events.

Number 2

Concentrating on the soldiers in the Hertfordshire area, the book looks at all aspects of army life during the Great War and written by two top notch historians in Paul Johnson and Dan Hill. Maybe I’m a little biased as I have family in Hertfordshire but have to say it’s a great book and very well researched and written.

Number 1

By far the one book I enjoyed the most this year, so good i couldn’t put it down. Following the 1st Suffolk just before the Normandy Landings, we follow them up the beach and through France. We learn along the ay all the hazards and all the death and destruction encountered along the way. A wonderful read in detail by author Mike Forsdike, in Fighting through to Hitler’s Germany.

Let us know your favourite Pen and Sword Books in the comments below. If you like any of the books listed in the Top 10 above, just click on the link and they will take you direct to their website. Ideal presents for Christmas.

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