The Thames at War

The Thames at War written by Gustav Milne and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This book takes a look round the Thames and dockyard area during the war and effect the blitz had on it. It was staggering to read the amount of information that was kept secret for periods of time from the public to prevent alarm and worry, plus to stop the Germans from finding out. After all, if they knew the damage they were causing, things could have turned out a whole different to what it did. The Flood Prevention teams put in charge of fixing depots and shoring up bomb damage and flooding must have worked miracles on little money and resources.

As a fan of London history I have found this book brilliant and an excellent read, the information and text is very detailed and well written, some might say too much. I think though in this particular book the images and photographs are almost as good as what you learn from the text. They really are brilliant photographs and do tell the tale of England’s capital city. While all the photographs are black and white, the only thing that could improve it is to have some modern day photos in colour thrown in. Like a ‘look how things have improved’ kind of thing. This book is wholeheartedly a 5 out of 5 stars, an excellent read.

Ben Davidson

Hello, I have been studying all aspects of history for about 25 years. I have a BA History from the University of Bedfordshire. My historical areas of interest are anything really, but I specialise in 19th - 20th century Britain, America and Ireland. I am also strongly aligned with most military history, really enjoying WW2 and the US Civil War. Chuck in the king or queen and Bob's your uncle.

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