Suez Crisis 1956 written by David Charlwood and published by Pen and Sword Books.

The Suez Crisis is an event I honestly hadn’t paid much attention to or just glossed over it, but it was actually and important affair that would eventually bring down a British prime minister and herald the end of the British Empire really. I found the event although rather brief and involved mainly political too and froing between Britain, France, Israel and America was really over a strategic part of the world that controls the vast majority of the world’s oil and shipping. Now I have read David Charlwood’s work before such as the book 1920 (Pen and Sword) and this too is written in the same manner as that, in that it is very detailed and planned. A really easy and good book to read, and also for a small book (120 pages) which is part of a Cold War series, the photographs are excellent and many, I was surprised and impressed. I imagine you could read more into the subject if you wanted but I would say that this book covers it pretty well and is very informed. I would say this is an excellent book, and the series for students who would like a good knowledge which give you a comprehensive history.