The Spoils of War – The Fate of Enemy Fleets after the Two World Wars written by Aidan Dodson & Serena Cant published by Seaforth Publishing – Hardback – £35.00 – Pages 328

The ’Spoils of War’ hadn’t really been something I had thought about until having the chance to review this book, and what a fascinating and interesting book. This book looks at what happened to the defeated ships and navies who lost in the wars. The book looks at what happened whether they carried on service in another guise or whether they were ‘recycled’. The book contains a fascinating reference section which gathers information from various sources and archives, much of which has never been published which just adds further to the fascination. Along with an amount of intriguing stories that reveal a lot, certainly new to me about some incidents I didn’t know about.

The backgrounds of the two authors really gives the book the quality and assurance that your getting a top quality, well researched book. As with most books when you have someone in a specific profession as the book, it’s nearly always going to be backed up by superior knowledge. As well as a great read, this book has an abundance of great of photographs, maps, diagrams, plans and tables which really do bring an added bonus to the book. This I should say is a book that many would describe as ‘coffee table’ sized, which I think suits the books best, especially for all the pictures and diagrams enclosed. I would fully recommend this book as an excellent read.