P-51 Mustang

P-51 Mustang written by Robert Jackson and Lynn Ritger published by Pen & Sword Books. £16.99 – Softcover – Pages 96.

This book about the P-51 Mustang takes a look at of the most effective fighter aircraft made by the Americans. During the last part of the war it came into service in Europe escorting bomber formations and harrying Luftwaffe fighters deep in the heart of Germany. The Mustang almost came about by accident but was needed to support the allies as it was much needed to support the British RAF who were having to carry the bulk load against the enemy during aerial warfare battles.

This is my first time reading this group of books from the Flight Craft Series, and it’s very similar to the Tank Craft series in that it is primarily aimed at model makers in their specific field. I felt after reading this book that there was a bit more history and background to the P-51 Mustang, than you get in the tank series. But this might not actually be the case as with planes they are generally in service for a shorter time than other weapons of war such as a tank. This book has full background information on the plane which is excellent and well worth a read and each photograph is supported by some great information. The pictures towards the back of the book are of Mustang models which look in great condition and the detail on various pictures looks fantastic. These books are fantastic for the beginner and the expert, and although the expert is going to know the knowledge the many photographs are great to follow or copy. A great book/series for aviation fans.