The Magic of Terry Pratchett written by Marc Burrows and published by White Owl Books. £15.99 – Hardback – Pages 304.

This is a full on book about the excellent and renown author Terry Pratchett, a leading author and favourite to many fans until his sad death in 2015, and this book is in itself written by a fan. I must admit I sadly have only read a few of his books, a few Discworld books, although odd at first the quirkiness of the stories are great and his imagination must have been immense. The book looks at Pratchett’s life really from beginning to sad end, from being a journalist and author to some 60 books and the number of recognition awards he would receive.

The fact that this book is written by a fan of the man, Marc Burrows gives it that much loved feel good book, it’s not going to be one of those hatchet jobs that are sometimes done. I liked the way it was written and using the information and research done from past interviews and archives. I found this book to be good, clear, honest and very informed, it did feel like it bought the real Terry Pratchett across. This is very good book that I would recommend, and it brings back the memories to me of the man and his books who I personally would say was a bit like a Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy crossed with a bit of Roald Dahl.