Lost Home Movies of Nazi Germany – BBC

This little series came out the end of 2019, this series looks at home movies that belonged to German people living during World War 2, and looks at life and how people grew up in Nazi Germany and shows how everyday German people reacted to life at this sad time. This is one of those programmes that shows various video clips from home movies, interspersed with ‘talking heads’, people with an educated background and knowledge the most notable being WW2 historian, James Holland. In a dark programme, the programme is very sad and haunting throughout, as the programme begins with Us seeing a home video from a father who films the life of his son as he goes from joining the Hitler Youth through his teens to eventually become an anti-aircraft gunner at 17.

We are then showing videos of the state attacking Jewish, people, businesses and homes and really it seems the German people are quite happy with this, and message is that Germans are just reclaiming what is theirs and what was previously taken from them. The scenes shown of the Germans in Poland and then on the Eastern front going into Russia, are just heart breaking, watching clips of people being rounded up and shot or hanged, piles of bodies just being dumped in pits. In one clip a German soldier who owns a video camera says, that a senior officer says to him that he is welcome to film the Jews being shot, they normal do the killing in the mornings but it’s afternoon now and he has a few spare Jews if wants them to shot and filmed now. The video clips in this series are dark, sad and horrific, this series clearly shows how bad humans can be and how evil can run through mankind. I would greatly recommend this series to anyway, and in a way everyone should be made to watch this, just to see how evil can be and how a generation of people can be taken over.

Lost Home Movies of Nazi Germany can be found on the BBC iPlayer in the history section.

Ben Davidson

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