The Killing Fields of Provence written by James Bourhill and published by Pen and Sword Books.

Now this is certainly a weighty tome which covers the occupation, resistance and liberation of the South of France in WW2. This was like a second D-Day and the one that history has kind of forgotten in a very divided area of France. The book is split into sections first, which I think helps the book when being read and then the various chapters look at various aspects of the event from the humiliation, to the courage, to the bravery and eventually on to the conclusion. This book is an excellent read, you’re fooled into thinking this book may be very detailed and heavy with facts but actually the book is clear and smooth running which definitely is credit to the author James Bourhill.

It was certainly a good read of which I learnt quite a bit from, as I said earlier the Killing Fields of Provence are like the forgotten D-Day with far more publicity going to the one in northern France. This book comes with and excellent array of clear maps and illustrations to help form the picture in the mind, and towards the end of the book you have I must say high quality sections on abbreviations, a timeline, sources both published and unpublished and notes. All of which really do add to the weight and quality of this book in making it a must read and excellent stature. I’m going to give this a well-deserved 5 out 5 stars.