The History of the Dukes of Bolton 1600 – 1815 written by Joanne Major & Sarah Murden and published by Pen & Sword Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 225

Discover over two hundred years of fascinating history relating to one of Great Britain’s foremost aristocratic dynasties, the (Orde-) Powletts, for several generations the Dukes of Bolton. The family motto, Love Loyalty, references their devotion to the monarchy, but it applies equally to their hearts. Willing to risk all in the pursuit of love, this is the previously untold story of the Dukes of Bolton and their ancestors.

This book covers just over 200 years of history of one family as the titles move through the family. It’s 200 years that actually covers a lot of events and royalty in the country, we see how they react and interact with the monarchs in power at the time. I must say that although I had never really heard of the ‘Dukes of Bolton’ I really enjoyed reading about it and what you learn in the book is quite fascinating and revealing. We see how they what their take on the Civil War are and how they cope with that and shall we say odd world of various royals. I think I really enjoyed this book because I was learning about lots of little snippets of information and wasn’t just another drawn-out retelling of a familiar story or part of history.  I should say that this book is picture heavy, but there are some great pictures and photographs, they certainly add to the book. This book is certainly a 5-star book for me and I would ask most people to read this as this is something different.