The GI in the Ardennes

The GI in the Ardennes – The Battle of the Bulge by Denis Hambucken and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This book is 144 pages long and a coffee table sized book, which looks at the life of the American GI around the time of the Ardennes offensive. It looks at everything to do with a GI from what he wears, basic training, weapons qualifications, pay, clothing, equipment, food, mail, censorship and so much more. This book is so comprehensive it really is a complete look at the GI. It also looks at the battles the American GI’s were involved in from the Bulge to the Lanzerath Ridge to Bastogne and more.

The book contains a number of interviews with the servicemen involved and their families, we also see lots of pictures of their kit, rations, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, paperwork and so much more. It really is a comprehensive and fantastic well written book that I found to be a brilliant read and one of the best so far this year. Congratulations to the author Denis Hambucken and the publishers Pen and Sword who have written and collected together a huge array of pictures and work that really does do a brilliant job. 5 stars out of 5. This book will definitely be read and re-read by myself.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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