The Daughters of George III – Sisters & Princesses written by Catherine Curzon published by Pen and Sword Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 186

In the dying years of the eighteenth century, the corridors of Windsor echoed to the sounds of six princesses. Charlotte, Augusta, Elizabeth, Mary, Sophia and Amelia the daughters of Queen Charlotte. Longing to escape, these girls were cosseted largely due to the illness of King George III. These were all eligible young women, their fathers illness though influenced their lives and events that they had to endure. This is the story of their family lives, the ups and downs.

I must admit that I went into this not really thinking I would enjoy it, whilst I had previously learnt quite a bit about the four Georges, quite wrongly I assumed as I had never really heard a lot about the daughters they wouldn’t have such interesting lives. I admit I was very wrong indeed, this book is a well written, very well researched and a good easy read. This book was a very interesting read about various relationships with each other as sisters, but also brothers, their mother and their ill father. I shows how they got on some well, some not so well but also how their mother overly cosseted them and the relationship of having to deal with a sick father. This is a very interesting read, well written by the author Catherine Curzon, it was nice to read another side to the ‘story’ and has opened up another avenue to explore. I highly recommend this book to everyone.