The Creators of Batman, Bob, Bill & the Dark Knight written by Rik Worth and published by White Owl Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 176

In the early days of the 20th century, the emerging medium of comics was beginning to grab the attention of children and adults alike. Then, in the 1930s, superheroes revolutionised the entire industry and culture as we know it. Gotham’s caped crusader, The Batman, swung into this pantheon of demi-gods in 1939 and secured his place as one of the world’s most beloved characters.

But do you know who created The Dark Knight? Do you know how artist Bob Kane, placed himself at the secret origins of Batman while his co-creator Bill Finger was forced into the shadows? Do you know how comic creators, journalists, and family members fought to have Finger credited for his work?

The first prose book to focus both on Finger and Kane, as well as cast of supporting characters from one of the most exciting times in comic book history, The Creators of Batman: Bob, Bill and The Dark Knight gathers everything we know about these two monumental figures and lays their stories side by side. Bringing together the story of these two creators against the exciting background of the American comic’s boom and Batman’s Golden Age. It looks at how Finger and Kane constructed the world of Gotham and its denizens, and grapples with the legacy the creators left behind.

A revealing book about a great character that has lived with us for years, but also a great book about the two characters who were behind him and what he was. It’s funny though that we all get to know about these characters but we don’t think about the people behind that character after all the character is probably an impression of his creators. It was like this when I reviewed a recent book about Stan Lee, How the Avengers Saved the World. While one man might have got all the credit at one point, at last, the full story and creative habits of both are now being revealed. I really enjoyed this book and the author Rik Worth does a good job of enticing the story out of them. I would fully recommend this book to fans and those who are such big fans of the Dark Knight.