The Battle of Arras: South written by Jon Cooksey & Jerry Murland and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This is a fantastic little book and I will say why, it includes the battles at Bullecourt, Monchy-le-Preux, Wancourt and the Valley of the Scarpe. Now this book seems to have everything from the history of the battles and area, local churches and cemetaries. It even has a acouple of tables at the back of the book about the VC winners and the notable people killed at the various sites. Inside the book not only is all the text clearly explained and laid out, but it’s easy to follow. Together, with this we have some fantastic photos, pictures and maps which help knit everything as one. An excellent little book and if you were going to visit the area, I just don’t see why you wouldn’t take along a copy. It’s a must.