The Battle For Burma 1942-1945 written by Phiip Jowett and published by Pen & Sword Books – £16.99 – Softcover – Pages 240

The battle for Burma during the Second World War was of vital importance to the Allies and the Japanese. The Allies fought to protect British India and force the Japanese out of Burma; the Japanese fought to defend the north-west flank of their newly conquered empire and aimed to strike at India where anti-British feeling was growing stronger. Yet the massive military efforts mounted by both sides during four years of war are often overshadowed by the campaigns in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific and China.

Philip Jowett, using over 200 wartime photographs, many of them not published before, retells the story of the war in Burma in vivid detail, illustrating each phase of the fighting and showing all the forces involved – British, American, Chinese, Indian, Burmese as well as Japanese. His book is a fascinating introduction to one of the most extreme, but least reported, struggles of the entire war.

The narrative and the striking photographs carry the reader through each of the major phases of the conflict, from the humiliation of the initial British defeat in 1942 and retreat into India and their faltering attempts to recover the initiative from 1943, to the famous Chindit raids behind Japanese lines, the Japanese offensive of 1944 and their disastrous retreat and ultimate defeat.

As you will know as a regular reader of the Pen & Sword Books Images of War series, I think this series is fantastic in the job that it does in the retelling of history. I think the books in this series that cover the far east campaign of world war two are important in revealing the truth and what happened because sometimes all we seem to get is history about the european conflict, the far eastern sides often gets ignore or not seen as important. The events and history that went on in WW2 are just as important. Again in reading this book, I have to say the photographic images in the book are fantastic and this is accompanied by splendid written history by the author Philip Jowett. Another great book in a great series.