Suffragette Fascists

Suffragette Fascists written by Simon Webb and published Pen and Sword Books – £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 204.

It turns out there was more to the Suffragette movement than Emily Davison jumping in front of a horse during the Derby, no the movement went on into the future. The only problem is that the flag wavers for suffrage movement such as Emily Pankhurst and the WSPU, were you could argue had been left a bit empty handed and with less of a cause. After all women now did have the vote and more say in the workplace and could (although limited) make it into certain parts of power. After the First World War, much like what was happening in Germany was that smaller neglected movements were having trouble in finding their place in the world. And so it was often seen that smaller groups with less desirable aims would work together, thereby becoming something far different from their original aims.

What a fascinating book indeed, I know feel bad for not knowing anything about suffragette fascists, which is more fool me but also more fool society suffragette fascists are never featured in any part of history in schools or society. Why this is, I don’t know why, maybe people don’t like to think that women could stoop to that level but it is so disappointing. When you think there was still so much left to be done to further the cause of the fairer sex, it’s as if they have missed a huge opportunity. The book looks into the new leaders of the WSPU, their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, the blackshirts, before the war, during and after. The author Simon Webb has done a great job here and it would be good to see him write deeper into the subject. This was a really great read and I really did learn a lot from reading this, this is a book to read for all.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ben Davidson

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