Struggle and Suffrage in Watford written by Eugenia & Quintin Russell and published by Pen & Sword Books – £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 168

Struggle and Suffrage in Watford does what the books from this series do in that it looks at the work and roles of women from the Watford area and it also looks at the growth in suffrage through various jobs. Watford being close to London, saw a high level or prominent level and knowledge of suffrage. An excellent little book and it was nice to learn about some of the local characters such as Lucy Kemp-Welch who was the illustrator for Black Beauty along with a number of World War propaganda posters. We also see from this book the increase in schooling or education for girls in that area.

Another excellent book in this series, as I have said before I really do enjoy this series like the ‘Towns and Cities in the wars’ books. Maybe this is because I know a number of the places mentioned in this book that I found it very interesting, but then I found the Morpeth and Northumberland book good to read too as I was learning about a new place. The book covers the 100 years between 185o and 1950, a quite important number of years for the achievements of women and the suffrage of women. I enjoyed this book very much and particularly the growth of schooling and the education of girls and how the achievements of women in life was reflected in the school environment. The book was very well written and a very good read, certainly a book I would recommend.

Have you read about the: Suffragette Fascists by Simon Webb, it’s highly recommended.