Snook (Snoek)

In World War II when everything was scarce, food rationing was used by the whole British population and cheap sources of protein were few and far between, somebody had the bright idea to catch cheap fish in South Africa, can it and ship it to England. Suffice to say it did not go down too well over here. It was seen as a very cheap version of cod or haddock, with many claiming that it was tasteless or had slightly sour taste to it. Imported to Britain in tins, a large proportion of the tins though remained firmly on shop shelves. Si I’m afraid it never really caught on, no matter the many recipes that were invented in order to disguise the taste.

A tin of Snook cost 1s 11d, but it eventually fell foul of everyone and was eventually sold off as pet food to feed domestic cats and dogs. Did you, or did you know of someone who has tried snook back in WW2 or since? Let us know below in the comments, what did it taste like?

Snook (Snoek)

Ben Davidson

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