Richard III in the North written by M. J. Trow published by Pen and Sword Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 176.

Richard III is one of history’s most divisive monarch’s primarily because he has always been viewed with suspicion due to the murder of his nephews in the tower of London. Is the story true or false, we shall probably never know without forensically testing their bones, but that won’t happen because you might just change the course of history. Richard III would end up spend a lot of time in the north until ultimately he died at the Battle of Bosworth. Richard would turn to support from the north and took a good number of his knights from the north too.

This book takes a look really at the life of Richard III mainly from his time living in the north and what he would get up to, including living and through battle. This book also covers his relationships with older brothers and his father and goes through the significant events he faced running through his life. This book was a really interesting read, a book that I would think suit most readers unless you were a particularly avid fan. The author, Trow has written a very good book that is easy to read and follow and it is very well researched. I loved the fact that he had put the plans to his castles in the book as they give another dimension to the book. A very good 4.5 indeed. I enjoyed this book.