RAF on the Offensive written by Greg Baughen and published by Pen and Sword Books. Hardback – £25.00 – Pages 304

This is a lovely book, very comprehensive and detailed. This book predominantly looks the deficiencies and problems the RAF faced especially during World War Two. It was very complicated in how to fight the war and where the RAF saw itself going in the future, it also looks at how there was not much co-operation between the RAF and the Army, or it could have least been improved greatly. This of course wasn’t helped with relations with the War Office also, in many cases it being a case of having too many cooks doing one job. The bombing campaign of Germany wasn’t really working and Britain had to rely on allied powers to help it succeed.

As I started off this book is very detailed and comprehensive with much detail fitted into the book, it is clear from looking at the author’s background he has an excellent background in military aviation and clearly knows his stuff about airforce’s. I’ll just say that his style of writing clearly shows that he specialises in mathematics. There are not many photos or pictures in the book, but that doesn’t really matter or affect the read. I would recommend this book and happily give it a 4.5 star rating.