Radio Operator on the Eastern Front written by Erhard Steiniger and published by Greenhill Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 320

This is the true and dramatic testimony of a German grenadier during World War II.

Erhard Steiniger joined his Wehrmacht unit on 12 October 1940 as a radio operator, a role which required his constant presence with troops at the Front, right in the midst of combat. On 22 June 1941, he accompanied his division to Lithuania where he experienced the catastrophic first day of Operation Barbarossa.

He later witnessed intense clashes during the conquest of the Baltic islands and the battles leading up to Leningrad on the Volkhov and Lake Ladoga. He describes the retreat from battles in Estonia, Kurland and East Prussia and his eventual surrender and captivity in Siberia. He finally returned to Germany in October 1949, a broken man.

From the first page to the last, this is a captivating eyewitness account of the horrors of war.

This is a thoroughly engaging book, one that I really enjoyed reading. This book is about the German soldier Erhard Steiniger, who has written a very descriptive book full of details and observations in what he must have found as a deeply depressing and sad situation. I think because the descriptive writing adds more to the story it makes the reader feel a more part of the book. Also with this we have a great set of photographs, these add to the story and the grimness really. I very well written book and certainly one to recommend to others.