Radio Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting – A History of the Airwaves written by Gordon Bathgate and published by Pen and Sword Books £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 215.

This book looks very much at the origins and early years of radio broadcasting all over the world but mainly Britain, Europe, New Zealand and America, but mainly Britain and Europe. The book is split into chapters that look at the various stages of radio throughout the century from the beginning Marconi, the BBC, radio in America and Europe, radio during the Wars and radio in the southern hemisphere. The book also goes onto look at how radio has fought its corner against new technology such as television and computers but also shows how radio is succeeding and has great potential to succeed well into the future.

Well this book took me back to the days of studying at college, where I did media and communications and big part of that was learning all about broadcasting history through radio. What a fascinating book to read and the writer has done a good job in covering radio virtually all over the world, although it sticks mainly to radio, it doesn’t go deep in radio stations or specific radio shows too much. That could be for a future book and would be really good especially being a big fan of the old comedies on BBC radio, where I would say it is starting to lose out to podcasting. A similar but fast upcoming medium. (Keep an eye on soon) This is a thoroughly good read that would appeal to all but especially those that like radio or want to get into the radio communications industry. A 4 stars from me.