Propagandawerfer 41

The Propagandawerfer 41 consisted of a light 12.26 kg steel tube framework. The base of the launcher was triangular in shape and had a crossbar through the centre with a hinge that connected the base to a circular launch cage. At the tip of the base there was an adjustable arm for elevating the launch cage and in the centre of the launch cage was a trough which the Propagandagranate 41 rocket was launched from. The rocket rested at the top of the cage until the crew pulled a lanyard, the rocket then slid down until it hit a firing pin which launched the rocket.

The Propagandagrante 41 was constructed of a plastic nose cone which held 200 leaflets weighing .23 kg that were rolled around a coiled spring and a metallic base which held the solid rocket. When the rocket was fired propellant gasses were forced through a steel base plate that had angled venturis drilled in it to impart spin. A delay fuse was also ignited and a bursting charge separated the nose cone from the base at an altitude of 100–150 m, the spring then uncoiled to scatter the leaflets.

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