Images of the National Archives Prime Ministers of the 20th Century written by Mark Dunton published by Pen & Sword Books – £12.99 – Softcover – Pages 96

This book gives an overview of each of the British Prime Ministers of the 20th century, summarising their premierships, their policies, and the key events. It is lavishly illustrated with images of documents from The National Archives which give a fresh dimension to the study of the Prime Minister’s role, providing insights into their personalities and the pressures that Prime Ministers are subject to. Handwritten comments by Prime Ministers enable the reader to connect with the individual and how they felt at the time. There are dramatic episodes and examples of forthright reactions, but flashes of humour too.

These books by the National Archives are always good because they often contain rare or unseen photos and there were certainly photos I hadn’t seen before including a rather young Anthony Eden. There is also a number of photos of important documents such as the Good Friday Agreement and a number of documents that had been previously classified. If you into British politics you’ll enjoy the book and it does reveal a few unknown. My only complaint really is the book isn’t bigger. Rather than 20th century, you probably could have adjusted the title to those since the Marquis of Salisbury. Nut for what it is, it does the job and always an interesting read. I would recommend it certainly to students or those that would like to get into British politics.