Orkney and Scapa Flow at War 1939 – 45 written by Craig Armstrong and published by Pen and Sword Books – £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 138

This book in the Towns & Cities in World War Two series is about Orkney and Scapa Flow which held a very strategic point in the war for Britain. The vitally strategic point being the British Naval Home fleet was found at Scapa Flow, in October 1940 a German submarine was able to breach the defences and sink the British HMS Royal Oak and 800+ men on board. So the fight and war was right on the doorstep of Orkney and Scapa, due to this saw and increase in enrolment which meant the war and its forces dominated this area due the amount of people involved from the area.

All my regular readers will know that I love the Towns & Cities of World War Two series, and this book is no difference written by a regular writer for this series and Pen & Sword Books. In that it’s another excellent book written from a local point of view, where it looks at the local people, organisations, rules and how the effects of the war affect the locality. A CPL in the WAAF Georgina Mason is mentioned in the last chapter but it says that there is no mention of her death in local papers, I just wondered on this point whether she had been part of something secret as you often found people who died doing something covert or secret never got the mention they deserved for obvious reasons. Another great book, very well written and the blend of local news, photographs, pictures is excellent and very balanced. A recommended book.