Nazi Prisons in the British Isles

Nazi Prisons in the British Isles written by Gilly Carr and published by Pen & Sword Books £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 209

This fascinating book looks at what it was like to be a political prisoner in Britain during the second world war, namely in Jersey and Guernsey. Jersey and Guernsey were captured by the Nazi’s and this book looks at the prisoners and types of prisoner during this time. This book looks at the details found in diaries, memoirs, books, poetry and even graffiti. A big part of the book looks at the treatment of political prisoners, what they knew about information then and in the future. This book looks at how the local people and those imprisoned had to manage with little support and had to survive on wit, cunning and their own group intelligence.

This is a really enjoyable book where I’ve learnt a huge amount of information, I would expect this book to be a surprise to many reader as we don’t often think about the events of the Nazi’s taking Jersey and Guernsey. It’s an event that often doesn’t get mentioned but this shouldn’t be the case but the people who lived there and went through this were very brave and strong. I would say this is a very good book, but it is also a very academic book which might deter some readers. It was nice that information in the book was taken from various sources of information which help give it a human face or feeling to the events. Credit to the author for writing such a good book, one that I would be very happy to recommend.

Ben Davidson

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