Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann – Hitler’s Executioner written by Volker Koop and published by Frontline Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 336

This book looks at the life and aspirations of Martin Bormann, who would become deputy to one of the world’s most evil men in Adolf Hitler. This book looks at his rise through the ranks to the top table, now considering the leadership team didn’t get on or trust each, with each one trying to gain favour with Hitler. The paranoia and scheming with each other took its toll and it was a case of finding out would rise to the top. The book written by the well renowned Volker Koop, looks into great detail about a very unwholesome man and his journey, not only to the top table but to his death.

Overall you have to say this book about Martin Bormann is a powerful and staggering book from start to finish. If you already know about the man it shows that all the plotting and shenanigans were all purely to get himself as far as he could. The answer is yes, he did he get as far as he could as Hitler’s deputy, Hitler ‘circle of power’ was a as far as you could get because of all the power plays by the various people in the Nazi regime. Bormann had to use luck and manipulation to get up the ladder which if everyone else was like that you can imagine how disturbed the circle of power was. This is a an excellent book of very poor and depressing type of person, it is richly and very well told, the author Volker Koop has done a decent job. It was written fairly I would say, and didn’t think he was unfairly represented. What comes across is a calm and cold person who want out to get what he wanted for his own gain. A book that flows well off the page. Easy to read and well worth 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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