Marching From Defeat written by Claus Neuber and translated by Tony Le Tissier published by Pen and Sword Books. £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 191.

This book is about young German Artillery Officer Claus Neuber. On the Eastern Front the Soviet decided to do a ‘Big Push’ in order to push the German troops back into Germany. This forced the German army who were already living on beyond their means by going into Russia, to have to fight defensively not only against the Russian push but also the extreme weather and their exhausted supplies. Neuber was forced to withstand almost seventy days as a fugitive, being forced to live out in the open and having to rely on food donations form locals. Claus Neuber did eventually survive and make it back to Germany and this is his detailed account.

This is a very intense and detailed account and in a way it is miraculous that he managed to survive, the book and story in very well told and I think it really helped by being written in a diary style. The translation of the book by Tony Le Tissier is very good and there was never any confusion, in fact I had forgotten that it was a translation. The writer has written this book well and the confusion, chaos and harshness comes through well. This is very good book and I would certainly recommend it to those interested in the Eastern Front of the Second Word War. I am giving this a 4 star rating.