M1 Abrams – American Main Battle Tank – written by David Grummitt and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This is the first one of these books that I have read from the Tank Craft series. The book looks impressive from the outside and it’s a pleasure to say that it is impressive on the inside. This is like one of those Haynes Manuals for cars, only for military vehicles. This book looks at the main American battle tank the M1 Abrams, The book looks at the specifications of the tank, and it also looks at the various camouflage schemes it has gone through the different theatres of war it has served in. Not only do we get the text of a bit of history of what it went through but also how the soldiers were able to adapt to the situations and the possible future developments of the tank. There are lots of photographs of the tanks in the environment from the Balkans, to the Gulf, to all around the world, especially as it is used by a number of allied countries.

There is also a little section where you can see the various models kits available from makers and the accompanying paint schemes, along with pictures from all sorts of angles showing off the tank in colour schemes and added kit needed. I imagine this type of book is a modellers dream, because once you’ve got your model, the worlds your oyster. Now this book isn’t really for me, I need a bit more history, but I imagine this book is fantastic for those that love vehicle detail. So although it’s not for me I still think this book is excellent and I would willingly give it a 4.5 star rating.