Living in Medieval England written by Kathryn Warner and published by Pen and Sword Books – Hardback – £19.99 – Pages 160.

This book looks at the turbulent year of 1326 in England, now this covers the period of Edward II, whose reign was particularly well received as he didn’t make the best decisions about those around him. But this isn’t really a book about monarchy, it’s a book more about the people having to get on with life with a little bit or royal information thrown into the mix. In what turned out to be a momentous year in history. This book looks at the lives of various individuals and how they got on with their lives, such Alis Coleman who was selling her finest ale at a penny and a half for a gallon, or John Toly who ended up falling out of a window at midnight whilst going to the loo, or there is even a story about a stranded whale.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this book and that is probably because the way it was written by the author Kathryn Warner, who wrote it month by month, which just gave it a better flow. Although I wasn’t expecting to like it so much, I actually did because it was more about everyday people and their lives rather than just about Kings and Queens, which is usually the case. I must give compliments to the author again as there has been a lot research put into this book which I find makes it stand out above others. You can tell that time effort and research has been put into it. Highly would recommend it and to be honest the only disappointing thing is that the book was too short, would like to see some more similar work from the author. Or even do a similar thing looking at a particular year from Wales, Scotland and Ireland.