Lawmen of the Wild West written by Terry C. Treadwell and published by Frontline Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 272

Without doubt it was one of the toughest jobs. Faced with ruthless criminal, trigger-happy gunslingers and assorted desperados, the lawmen of the Old West tried, and sometimes died, in their efforts to bring some semblance of order to their towns and communities.

There were Marshals, City Marshals and Constables who were employed by the local townspeople and whose authority was restricted to within the town or city limits. Then there were the County Sheriffs, who were elected by the citizens of the county, to keep the peace within the county, or the Texas Rangers and Arizona Rangers, who operated under the jurisdiction of their respective state governors and later US Marshals.

The requirements needed to be a peace officer in the Wild West were often determined only by the individual’s skill with a gun, and their courage. At times judgement was needed with only seconds to determine it, and that also meant that there was the odd occasion where justice and law never quite meant the same thing. The expression ‘justice without law’ was never truer than in the formative years of the West.

Like I said previously when I reviewed Outlaws of the Wild West, this is the subject that I adore reading about. Again this book is very well written by Terry C. Treadwell, he certainly knows his stuff and this book is comprehensive and very easy to read. If you’re going to have outlaws in the American West, then you’re going to need Lawmen in the American West to keep them in some sort of order. As in the first book the book is split up into chapters with each chapter looking at an individual Lawman, the book covers such notables as Frank Dalton, Wyatt Earp and Pat Garrett along with some lesser-known names. A fantastic book that covers each lawman from being a youngster to old age or death in some cases. I obviously enjoyed this book highly, I would also like to see similar books looking at Indians, Civil War Generals or American West Pioneers. A definite 5 stars from me.