Johnnie Johnson’s Great Adventure

Johnnie Johnson’s Great Adventure written by Dilip Sarkar MBE and published by Pen & Sword Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 288.

Air Vice-Marshal Johnnie Johnson would end the Second World War as the RAF’s top scoring fighter pilot. Johnson was a top class fighter pilot with immense talent and tactical ability especially when it came to flying the Spitfire. Johnson was a man who should be highly regarded and celebrated much more by people for his tactical ability and intelligence he bought to his profession. Dilip Sarkar MBE brings to life the man of the book in such an interesting and heroic manner, yet we can clearly see what fine gentlemen he was. In this book we learn about his time as a Canadian wing leader, his ability to help train against the new Fw 190, and how to develop the new styles of Spitfire. We also learn about Operations such as Overlord, Market Garden and the Rhine Crossings and more.

I’ve looked forward to reading this book for a while now as I tend to think that we don’t celebrate our pilots or heroes as much as we should, after all if it wasn’t for these brave heroes we might not have won the war. I must admit to having already read/viewed a couple of mediums involving Johnnie Johnson before, so the subject wasn’t new to me. But this was certainly an excellent book to read, both entertaining and interesting. I enjoyed the flow of the book and the various parts of the life story of Johnnie Johnson. There has been a lot of thought and research that has gone into the book which I think shines through, from letters, documents and diaries. At the back of the book, credit must also go to the records and statistics and bibliography sections. This book has been a great book to read and one of the best I have read about this great man.

Ben Davidson

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