The Irish Diaspora edited by John Gibney and published by Pen and Sword Books

As everyone knows the island of Ireland is a rich and diverse country which has had a rich and varied population of many types of people, so for good and bad. The history has been a very harsh and troubled one in many differing ways in such a gloriously coloured country. In a series of books by Pen and Sword Books, this book is part of that series that looks at the Famine, Gender, Sexuality, Monarchy and Civil War. I have read the Gender and Sexuality and Monarchy books and this is another in the series the Irish Diaspora. Again as with the others it is a collection of chapters that each look at the various groups of people that have settled in Ireland from the Caribbean, Australia, Europe and the Americas. It looks at the lives of the different people and how they moved to Ireland for various reasons in order to prosper or even for those that had no choice in the matter.

I have found through reading these books and particularly this book, a fascination in different people and differing types of people all in Ireland, looking to achieve differing goals and how they benefit from this rich country but also what they bring to the country. Yes, there might be one similar theme that runs through the book but each chapter is about a different person from a different life told by a different academic expert. Some of the chapters are long, some are short, but they are always well written. But the unique thing each author looks at a slightly different angle or question to the theme which makes for an excellent book. I’m going to give this book an excellent 4.5, it only doesn’t get a 5 because some chapters I would like to learn more about that person or question. I’m hoping I get to read the book in this series on the famine, something I did at university.