Images of War – Panzergrenadiers 1942-1945 written by Ian Baxter and published by Pen & Sword Books – £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 128

The term Panzergrenadier was introduced in 1942 and applied equally to the infantry component of Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and later Waffen-SS Panzergrenadiere divisions.

As this classic new Images of War book describes, these elite divisions fought as mechanized infantry and escort for and in close cooperation with panzers and other armoured fighting vehicles. Trained to fight both mounted and on foot, their priority was to maintain the fast momentum of armoured troops on the battlefield.

Using a wealth of rare, often unpublished, photographs with detailed captions and text, the author charts the fighting record of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe Panzergrenadiertruppe units.

This includes their initial successes on the Eastern Front. But as defeat approached, they were forced on the defensive on all fronts including the bitter fighting in Italy and the Western Front. As well as describing their many actions, the book details the vehicles and weapons used and main personalities.

You could argue that these troops were the pretenders to guerilla warfare, in that these troops were like the mechanized infantry and could move around quickly in small groups being able to attack or defend when needed. The book looks at the years in question through each chapter and then towards the end, you have a list of divisions and emblems etc. The photos are of the usual high quality and actually it’s nice to see ‘normal’ black and white photos rather than the fashion for colourized photos. Maybe an undermined group of men, it was interesting to read about them, when and where they tended to utilize and what they were having to work with regarding vehicles and weapons. A thoroughly good book, well written and presented with the text supporting the images well indeed. An excellent book for fans of German troops.