How to Survive in Ancient Rome written by L J Trafford and published by Pen and Sword Books – £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 147.

This book asks you to imagine going back to Ancient Rome and then wonder what life would be like. What could you do? What if you became ill? How would live? And how would you fit in to life there. It’s basically a book that explains what life was life for the individual living there, what to expect and what are the chances of you being to get along then.

Now I’ve read this book before but relevant for Egypt. Now I thought that book was good, and I must admit I thought this book was equally good too. It’s the kind of book that educates you about the basics, just as you might do when going on holiday, you don’ know everything about a place until you get there. Well this does that but more from a historical viewpoint, as in you might have an idea where to go for a hospital, but you might not know about the health system or where historically they used to get the medicines from, or maybe whether you used to have to pay for health services. I can imagine historians could be quite snobbish, as quite a few are, about this type of book but it actually does do a good job because it gives the reader a solid basic learning of the subject. This is an ideal book for students or anyone wanting to get into the subject. Good work from the author, it’s well written and very well researched.