Hitlers Wartime Conversations

Hitlers Wartime Conversations written by Martin Bormann and published by Pen and Sword Books.

This is a fascinating and in my opinion a brilliant book. The book is basically a book of notes and conversations written by Martin Bormann who was in almost daily conversation with Adolf Hitler and a lot of the top hierarchy of the Nazi party in World War Two. Now I will state that I love these types of books, the diary style book is always good because you are getting people’s personal views and opinions. Throughout the book each day is written out and he does have lots of conversations with many people, about people German, British, Jewish and more. We also have mention of operations and the way the war is going both in success and defeat, and there is quite a bit about the power play that goes on amongst the major members. It would be safe to say that Bormann didn’t really think much of everyone he met, but then they were all having to jostle for the limelight with Hitler.

If I had one criticism and this is more about Martin Bormann rather than the book, in that he does wander off with his musings and ramblings. For example there are times when he talks about such silly things like there only being two decent tenors in Germany that have to go around singing night after night because more can’t be recruited. Yet you think to yourself, there is a war going on. With this book I found it easy to put down but the format the book means you can dip in and out whenever you want with ease. Saying this book is a good book seems a bit wrong, so I will say because of the style of the book I will say that I enjoyed it a lot. UKHistorianBenDavidson.co.uk

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