Hitlers Panther Tanks

Hitler’s Panther Tank Battalions 1943-1945 written by Ian Baxter published by Pen and Sword Books £14.99 – Softcover – Pages 123.

The German Panther tank was designed to take on the Russian’s heavy tanks on the Eastern front in World War Two. The Panther tank and its variants were the mainstay of the German armoured forces. This book traces the development of the Panther, and also covers the other supporting vehicles that formed part of the Panther battalions’ establishment. These include armoured recovery, gun tractors and communications vehicles. The book is split into 6 chapters Eastern Front Battles 1943, Italian Warfare 43-44, Eastern Front 44, the Last Year of the War, Tank Specifications and Panther Variants.

This particular book in the Images of War series has around two hundred black and white photographs that follow the Panther Tanks and their development, I would say it is predominantly photographs obviously, with maybe slightly less supporting information about the events and campaigns. Which is perfectly fine as much of these books must overlap a bit, put the text and information is still excellent and very well written. The author Ian Baxter, is a well-known and much published author who is an excellent writer. In fact from reading these Images of War books, my knowledge and interest in tank warfare has come on greatly. I know thoroughly enjoy a good book about tanks. This book is excellent with first class photographs and the specifications section near the back is great. Definitely a 4.5 star read and highly recommended.