Hitler’s Housewives written by Tim Heath and published by Pen and Sword Books.

Now if you look around on this website you’ll see in places that I am a fan of Tim Heath’s books and a couple even made it into our top 10 books of 2019, they were Creating Hitler’s Germany and Women of the Third Reich. The reason I enjoy his books are because they are usually about the woman’s role which rarely gets done by writers who will happily write about other WW2 subjects. But I have quite enjoyed all women’s history since studying at university. So I was really looking forward to reading this book when it came.

This book is roughly written in the same manner of previous books in that the author is writing the books from actual people and families from Germany in the situations they faced or experienced which is good because were being given first-hand knowledge by the author from the primary source of evidence. So many book are rehashed books that anyone can get hold of, this book is different and which in my opinion makes it stand out against others. We learn all about the lives of women, their daughters and sons and how the role of women changed in the family during world war two Germany. In fact I can’t think of an equivalent book about British housewives during WW2, maybe someone should take me up on that idea.

The book is very good indeed, and I like the way the author Tim Heath writes because it’s always clear, balanced and informative. I do wish he’d write a book on the Hitler Youth as this is another subject that seems to rarely get written about. I would definitely recommend this book.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    I have written two books focussing purely on the female Hitler Youth organisations of the Jungmadelbund and Bund Deutscher Madel. These were Hitlers Girls-Doves Amongst Eagles my first and In Hitlers Shadow-Post War Germany and the Girls of the BDM.
    Have a read if you get chance. I have been researching now for over 26 years and my books although only recently being published are the result of all those years of research. The Third Reich was a violent and highly fratricidal regime that we are still learning many new pieces of information about. Thank you so much for the kind words and your most valued support.

    Warm Regards, Tim Heath, Pen & Sword Author.

    1. Hello Tim
      I’ve read a number of your books Hitler’s Housewives, Creating Hitler’s Germany and Women in Hitler’s Germany. All are fantastic read. I have a fascination in women and children and looking at how they reacted, behaved and in some ways led Germany. Also as a Youth Leader it fascinates me to compare youth movements here and there. I’m always happy to recommend your books because I love the topics and the subject matter always shows great knowledge and research.
      Kind regards Ben – Webmaster

      1. Thank you so much Ben as it means a lot. These books have taken over 26 years in all. It began with that fascination for anything military then drifted towards Nazi Germany. There were so many books on the male side but the female aspect i felt was even more interesting especially after meeting a former BDM at Cannock one winter morning many years ago. Nazi society was so contradictory and fratricidal it was no wonder they lost the war. Their society began to prey upon itself and the women came off worst in many ways. The sad fact is there were thousands who secretly despised Hitler but were powerless to act against it for fear of retribution. I have a few more contracted up and due out over next few years. Resistance Heroines in Nazi and Russian Occupied Austria is one i think you will love. Its Herti Bryans remarkable story of her aiding the resistance in Austria aged just 15! She is still alive and well today aged 91 and lives in Cornwall. Her story is one of my favourites as such an inspiration. So thanks again Ben very much im very humbled by your kind words of support :). Tim.

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