Hitler’s Attack U=Boats – The Kreigsmarine’s WWII Submarine Strike Force written by Jak P. Mallmann Showell and published by Frontline Books – £25.00 – Hardback – Pages 263

The German U-Boats during WWII were formidable in taking out allied boats, military and merchant convoys. In fact in certain parts of the war the U-Boats almost bought Britain to its knees. Pre-war the German navy was small and needed much development throughout the war, and this showed with some U-Boat designs doing better than others. But improvement came, and they certainly did improve with Britain having to counteract their improvements in order to keep up. This book looks at the Types II, VII and IX, the workhorses of the Kreigsmarine. Written by historian Jak Mallmann Showell he looks at the armament, capabilities, crew facilities and just what it was like to operate these extraordinary vessels.

I have to admit that I found this book fascinating, the role of the U-Boats in the Second World War are often ignored. This book like it says goes into great detail about about how it’s constructed, how it works, how it’s manned and the book contains lots of references/statistics. The book actually contains a lot of photographs but the amount doesn’t make it useless these are excellent ‘working’ photos that will appeal to the learners and the experts of the subject. The operational roles are gone into detail so we learn about their workplace and their role. Would I recommend this to others? Yes, I certainly would, I knew little about the operational U-Boat before, but now I have thoroughly enjoyed this well written book which is both clear and exacting. There isn’t a load of waffle or hyper luting detail the author Mallmann Showell has done an excellent job.