Hitler Triumphant – Alternate Histories of World War Two edited by Peter Tsouras and published by Greenhill Books – £13.99 – Softcover – Pages 288

Hitler Triumphant is a thoughtful, well-edited and very well-chosen selection of essays . . . Tsouras has assembled an A-Team of well-known historians and military analysts who have given a great deal of thought to the various turning points of World War II’ – Midwest Book Review

What if Winston Churchill’s plane had been shot down and Halifax had become Prime Minister? Or if Goering had taken power after a successful assassination of Hitler? Or if Italy had not joined the Third Reich and the Axis?

Other scenarios in this volume include the fall of Malta in 1942, a successful Stalingrad breakout and a disastrous attempt to open a second front on the Cherbourg peninsular in 1943.

Based on a series of fascinating ‘what ifs’ posed by leading military historians, this compelling collection of alternate history essays rewrites the moments in World War II that could conceivably have altered the entire course of the war and led to a German victory.

Based on real battles, actions and characters, each scenario has been carefully constructed to reveal how different decisions or minor incidents could have set in motion an entirely new train of events, altering history forever.

Contributors include John Prados, editor of The White House Tapes: Eavesdropping on the President: David Isby, editor of Fighting the Invasion and The Luftwaffe Fighter Force: and Nigel Jones, author of The War Walk and Rupert Brooke, Life, Death and Myth.

These types of books can sometimes be a bit hit or miss, this one in my opinion is a hit. I would say mainly because the selection of essays is put together by some very good people, so when you look at some of the chapters, they make you think about their scenario. But of course, if they are putting forward something plausible, it makes you think. In some books, you don’t really know the author and some of the scenarios can seem out there because you don’t know who the writer is. Now I will admit I usually don’t read these books, but I really enjoyed this book and would happily recommend it to others, don’t be like me and be a bit more open-minded.