Hitler and his Women written by Phil Carradice and published by Pen & Sword Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 224

Adolf Hitler – a ranting, evil demagogue whose insane ambitions and beliefs took the world to the brink of extinction and caused the deaths of millions.

And yet there was another side to the Fuhrer, one that was rarely seen and even now remains unknown by most people. It was a softer side, a gentler side that, in the main, came out only in his dealings with the women in his life. With his secretaries and other female staff he was caring and considerate – almost without exception they have recorded that he was an employer of compassion and understanding, someone who was really interested in their lives.

Hitler was adored by the women of Germany. They flocked in their thousands to see him, to hear him speak. In their eyes he could do no wrong. They might never meet him but they could look, they could listen – and they could fantasise about a future that would never happen. Without the support of women, their help and guidance, Hitler might never have risen to power. In the wild post-war days the Society women of Munich gave him shelter and encouragement. They gave him space and time to climb the slippery political ladder to the top.

This book, Hitler and His Women, looks at all of the women in Hitler’s life, his lovers and his passing flings. From his mother and sisters to a teenage infatuation with a girl he never actually met, from actresses like Zara Leander to English aristocrat Unity Mitford, it examines the relationships and how they affected the course of history. The findings may well astound you.

Phil Carradice often writes about Welsh history and I have read a number of his books and he has always been a really good historian who writes in a balanced manner. This book does bring a couple of bits of insight into why women are or would be interested in such a bad man, and the historical background information is good to learn about. But I personally think the reasons for some of the loves in his life are down to his growing up and which females influenced his life then. As for why did the women of Germany adore Hitler, that is surely down to what surrounded him for example, his position, propaganda, his media projection and that he was portrayed as the ultimate idol to be looked up to in society. This was a very good book to read and argues good, valuable points to consider. Certainly a good book and would recommend it to others.

By Ben Davidson

Hello, I have been studying all aspects of history for about 25 years. I have a BA History from the University of Bedfordshire. My historical areas of interest are anything really, but I specialise in 19th - 20th century Britain, America and Ireland. I am also strongly aligned with most military history, really enjoying WW2 and the US Civil War. Chuck in the king or queen and Bob's your uncle.

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