Images of War – Hell in the Central Pacific The Palau Islands 1944 written by Jon Diamond published by Pen & Sword Books – £16.99 – Softcover – Pages 240

In September 1944, to prevent Japanese air interdiction Against General MacArthur’s planned invasion of the Southern Philippines, the Americans attacked Peleliu and Angaur in the Palau group of western Caroline Islands. Admiral Halsey, commanding the US Third Fleet, feared the heavily defended Palas Islands would be costly for his III Amphibious Corps comprising the 1st Marine Division and the 81st Infantry Division.

War out in the Far East is always a fascinating and probably underrepresented part of the conflict. I’m sure the reason is that it is so far away when WW2 happened upon our doorstep. But I also think that the war was so harsh and the fighting intense there, which was why the men who fought out there didn’t like to talk about it when they came back. This book is of the same usual high standard as the rest of the Images of war series, with some powerful photos and images. The book is split into five chapters Strategic Prelude to the Palau Islands Campaign, Terrain, Fortifications and Weapons, Commanders and Combatants, Beach Landings, and Combat on Peleiu. A thoroughly good commentary and historical information accompany all the pages of images, which is all well informed and expertly written. Again there really isn’t anything wrong with this book, it is one of the larger in the series, but that just makes a better experience as you get more book for your money. I’m giving this a 5-star rating as it’s a great read and accompanied by great images.