Frank Pantridge MC

Frank Pantridge MC written by Cecil Lowry published by Pen and Sword Books – £19.99 – Hardback – Pages 154

In some cases you have to ask how someone can fit so much into one life. This is the book about one man, Frank Pantridge MC served in the British Army who was captured and put in a brutal Japanese prison camp in February 1942 where he was forced to languish for three and a half years. An event that killed many. Captured in Singapore he was forced to work in the harsh conditions of building the Burma railway. Returning to Belfast in 1945, working in heart diseases, he believed there was strong belief that the application of an electric current transferred to the chest could restart people’s heart into action again. What was better was that he believed this could be done by a portable device which meant people could be saved or given a higher chance of survival away from a hospital environment.

This is a thoroughly brilliant story about a man who lets admit could have given up after what he endured because of the Japanese, but no, he survived that and when returning home he fought back to come up with an invention that has gone on to help millions survive something that could have killed them. I enjoyed reading this book and Frank really does seem to have been a decent bloke and in a way his story echoes what happens to many men in that although they have to suffer great hardship and treatment, they come through that and then go on to create or do even better things that can have a great impact on our lives. This is a pleasant a revealing read, very clear and concise from the author Cecil Lowry. Towards the end of the book there is a nice little section where his university compliments Frank Pantridge, his friends say what they felt about him and then even some people which survived due to his invention. I thought this was a nice touch to book and really endeared you to the man. A certain 5 star book.

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