Fighting Through to Hitler’s Germany written by Mark Forsdike and published by Pen and Sword Books. Hardback – £25.00 – 286 Pages.

Well what can I say about this book, well this is probably the best book that I have read all year, in fact I have had it on the desk in front of me where I have quietly and happily read it from cover to cover. This book follows the men of the 1st Suffolk in 1944-45 and this is their personal accounts as they hit the beaches at Normandy and fight their way through to as the title says Hitler’s Germany. From reading this, boy do they have to fight their way through as they come across heavy German opposition along the way. Reading this book was reading like a live commentary of the events, when they try to take a châteaux it’s amazing anyone survived with the amount of small arms fire, shelling and artillery they were having to survive through and dodge. Or how they had to do training in Scotland but nobody knew what they were training for, leaving them to guess it was the Normandy Landings they would be a part of, and even then it seemed harder getting on to the beaches, than get across them.

The book takes extracts from diaries of various men throughout, and these are really good and powerful as they are written by the men who went through the war at that time. What the book also clearly showed was the conveyor belt of war as you have men going through battle and then as each one is injured or killed, so another is ordered up or transferred from another regiment. I really have to commend the author Mark Forsdike for writing such a riveting read that I couldn’t put down. What shines through the book and really does hit home is the sheer bravery and courage of these men in such devastating circumstances. I will happily give this book a 5 star read, and it will definitely be in my Top Ten books of the year, as I will wholeheartedly recommend it to any fans of WW2 history.